Women’s Self Defense

August 3, 2011

My name is Cotton Batte and I want to introduce you to not only my website but to let you know this is not your normal self-defense site where I tell you how great I and my system are and how badly you need to get what I have. Instead, I want to tell you a true story about my family.

My mother worked for one major oil corporation for all of her professional life. There was not a day that she went to work that I did not worry about her personal safety. Moreover, even though I never thought for a second about training her myself, I wish now that I had. I never thought about training her because back then, like everyone else, I thought martial arts training was for males only. I was not aware that I even thought and believed that, I just did nonetheless. I have come along way since then.

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If she had been one of my student’s forty years ago, I would have trained her to do all of the techniques that I routinely teach my students now, and then I would not have had a worry in the world about her getting from our home and back safely everyday.  I feel strongly that when I have and do train women in the corporate world they go home and teach their daughters what they learned from me. That makes me very happy, in fact, mothers teaching their daughters self-defense is about as natural a thing as there can be. Is that not what the mother bear teaches the female cubs?

I believe that corporations, if they will think about this for a moment may consider that training women in self-defense is not appropriate just because it rights a wrong; not just because a corporation has the financial ability to make their women safer 24 hours a day, but because if a woman is injured, raped or killed replacing her would cost the corporation far more that it costs to get her trained in self-defense in the first place. It is no different than the way that forward thinking corporations provide workout equipment, childcare, good healthy food and all the rest of the modern day amenities that are almost taken for granted nowadays. Making good use of a meeting room for a half-day training session on company time makes more sense to me than anything that a corporation can do to protect its bottom line.

Calling me, sets the wheels in motion for many self-defense workshops, that focus on weapons self-defense, hand to hand self-defense and on strategic planning so that a woman can keep herself so much safer just by making informed choices about how she navigates through the maze of her life. Call me at 214-893-6393 to set a time for your company’s first training session.

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