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Students’ Quotes:


I learned that women aren’t weak.
— Ann N.

All were very well presented and beneficial. One second kill. Really enjoyed the presentation.
— Ana M.

U Rock! Fun and exciting presentation.
— Andrea H.

Better ways, faster ways. I enjoyed the class.
— Angela A.

That women are not weak. Thanks you were cool.
— Angela B.

All of them. I’m much stronger than I think. Well done. Very informative!
— Bonnie B.

How to use a weapon against the person who’s trying to harm me with it.
— Brooke B.

That you took volunteers! To see you actually work with us. Very Informative.
— Cadi C.

The movement and actions are so easy! Very well explained! I am in control and what they do not have control of I will use. You helped me understand things I didn’t know and am not as afraid.
— Carley M.

Great job
— Carolyn S.

Everything you taught us! To use the parts of the body he is not controlling. Great job!!
— Chastity S.

That every woman can defend herself.
— Codi W.

His ability to explain the procedure so well. Thank you Cotton.
— Cory D.

Do not always aim for a guys’ “area”
— Crystal C.

All of it. In light of the recent Dallas rapes and stabbings, this class made me feel much more comfortable. Very beneficial! Thank you!
— Danielle P.

Great! I would like to be notified of the Mother-Daughter workshop.
— Dora C.

Getting close. Knowing I am able to kill in a bad situation. Thank you!
— Destiny B.

Weaker spots and how to use my weight and their weight against them. Great demos.
— Erin B.

Thank you so much.
— Erin F.

Every single one were beneficial to me!!! Very awesome job!!!
— Gaby G.

Every bit of it. I am aware of the actions I can make now if ever in a situation I can protect and save my life. Thank you.
— Heather G.

I would like to participate in the Mother Daughter workshop.
— Hilda G.

I liked the class, it was fun. I’m interested in the father and son
Martial Arts and for Mother and Daughters Martial Arts.

— Hilda M.

To not have a defeated mindset. It was a great experience.
— Jaletta J.

The whole thing was awesome!! How to protect myself and think more open when in a situation like that. You were great! Would love to have you back!
— Jasmin S.

Loved Cotton’s spirit and passion!
— Krystal N.

Everything taught to me today I pray, I won’t have to use but if so, I prey they are beneficial to me. Very good to me.
— LaCreha

It was great to learn an easy way to protect myself. The one second kill!! He was very helpful and fun. I enjoyed the class.
— Megan M.

Want information on mother/daughter self-defense
— Jennifer B.

I would of loved to see more but ran out of time.
— Jessica Q.

It was very beneficial. That I’m strong, even if he is stronger.
— Kossi

It calmed some of my fears.
— Laura B.

Always stay closer-strength doesn’t matter.
— Laura H.

That women are not weak. It was amazing. Thank you so much.
— Leah B.

I would like to participate in the Mother-Daughter demonstration
— Melissa C.

How easy it is to get out of a difficult situation.
— Micaela

What he’s not touching, he doesn’t control! Very good techniques and demonstrations of techniques.
— Michelle H.

It was a good change and very helpful.
— Michelle M.

You’re very wise.
— Melissa M.

I loved it. I will definitely be looking more into martial arts and self-defense.
— Nicole S.

Everything was great
— Salma

Your awesome!
— Sarah P.

The class was helpful. I only saw half, but the half I saw was helpful. I
want to be in the Mother-Daughter work shop

— Sera

The simplicity of the steps.
— Sherrice

We learned all the techniques. I liked the lecture a lot.
— Staci

Strength doesn’t matter
— Stacy R.

I like his passion
— Stephanie R.

You were excellent!
— Sydney J.

Strength doesn’t matter
— Tara

I thought it was awesome!
— Victoria A.


You did excellent and I would love to learn more from you. Funny and effective.
— Brittney P.

I loved the presentation! God Bless You!
— Candy H.

I am interested in taking more self-defense classes.
— Cathy H.

I would like to learn how a pregnant woman or woman with child can protect
herself and the child.

— Charlene R.

I learned that having knowledge and practice in Self-Defense will make
me feel more confident in myself. Thank you so much!

— Claudia G.

I enjoyed the lesson very much, it was helpful.
— Cori T.

Everything was well taught and explained
— Crystal G.

Everything was really good.
— Elizabeth B.

I wish the class was longer.
— Erica S.

Cotton did a great job.
— Jeni A.

This was really informative
— Jessie B.

Great teacher.
— Jesska

Excellent class and communicator
— Roseanne C.

I wished the class was longer.
— Sandi

Thank you for the lesson. Look forward to visiting your web site.
— Sheree

Thank you for coming to the school and teaching us how to defend ourselves.
— Stephanie

“Free Close”, “Wrap the Wrapper”, “Distance +Speed = Power Delivered.”
I loved the demonstrations, they really taught me a lot in the amount of
time we had. I thought class was very informative and very well demonstrated.

— Stephanie L.

Everything was well taught and explained.
— Velia


I loved this class and hope to learn more about it. Mr. Cotton was a
great instructor and would love to see more of his moves.

— Mary G.

I liked the demonstration and Cotton has a very nice attitude.
— Minerva


It was wonderful
— Ashley H.

The way he made us feel that we have the power to protect ourselves
— Dawn H.

He taught very well!
— Narrah

I am definitely looking forward to your workshop.
— Sarah S.


I really enjoyed the lecture/demonstration within the short amount of time Cotton had.
— Arrika

This is a good lecture!!!
— Christine G.

That self-defense is something that is almost mandatory.
— Keona

Mr. Cotton: I really enjoyed your lecture and would like to see more!
— Kizzy

I’m still not confident, but it helped to open my mind on how to start to identify attacker’s weak spots.
— LaTa

You were awesome! Keep up the good work!! God Bless You.
— Sel

Great strong class! Thanks Cotton!
— Sheniqua

A great job!
— Susan G.

Very well done
— Tiffany M.


Great learning experience.
— Afshan

Interested in mother daughter workshop.
— Amber B.

How easy it is to regain control of a situation so easily. I want to keep these ideas in mind, or be more conscientious of what could happen. How to remove the initial shock of being attacked. Fantastic job.
— Amy K.

Need info on mother/daughter class
— Amy M.

Very good class, learned a lot.
— Anne W.

The actual demonstrations of the self-defensive techniques, along with the facts he told us about: “what he does not touch, he does not control”. I will be definitely taking some self-defense classes very soon!! I am interested in mother/daughter show!
— Haley

All of it was very beneficial – I would like to learn about other attacks.
— Janie

That the man thinks he has nothing to worry about since he has a weapon.
— Jennifer

Just knowing I can get out of situations I never thought I would be able to.
— Kami

Interested in mother/daughter class Great class, I want to learn more!
— Kaylee

How to defend yourself with a knife or a gun, that was cool.
— Kristina R.

Loved the class! Thanks.
— Lori B.

All of them were great, I learned a lot in that brief hour.
— Marinda

It was awesome
— Mary L.

Having better confidence to be in control if attacked. Would like to participate at Mother/Daughter session
— Michelle R.

Great teacher
— Sharon N.

Great demonstration.
— Simi

The class was very enlightening, hopefully I can defend myself against an attack now.
— Vanessa P.

The logic of a man’s mind. It’s so true and very valuable.
— Jerod J.

How to maneuver an attacker’s weapon, so that you will not get hurt.
— Veronica M.

I would like more information on Mother/Daughter class.
— Vonetta

Everything he said was fine. He gave a very good speech.
— Bridget T.


The demonstration was very informative and helpful.
— Linda D.

Thank you
— Lois R.

Pointing out how vulnerable the assailant can be.
— Sandra H.

Very beneficial
— Pat


Call me: 214-893-6393
I’m happy to talk with you.

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Nnedi January 12, 2012 at 12:09 am

It has changed my life forever; therefore, I know it will do the same for those who choose to submit themselves to the process of learning and applying self-defense taught by Cotton Batte.


Kristy Cisneros September 25, 2014 at 1:56 am

Can you please provide me with additional information on your safety workshops? I have a 19 yr old daughter that I would like to get started in a class and also myself. Thank you for your time and dedication.


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